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When using Circuit with Siri, Siri does not always correctly recognize and pronounce the name of the person you are trying to call or send a message to via Circuit. To help Siri understand a... More >
You can connect to your existing Syncplicity account to easily share files with other Circuit users. Shared files can be accessed by current members of a conversation via their shared link which... More >
Whiteboard allows you to work together with other call participants by being able to type notes, draw, or import images on a blank page during an active call. More than one participants can draw on... More >
When you receive a voicemail for an unanswered Circuit call, a message with the voicemail attached is automatically posted to the 1-to-1 conversation you have with the person who called you. The... More >
You can select the dial-in numbers that will appear in the conference invitations of your domain. Also you have the option to flag dial-in numbers as frequently used numbers, so that these numbers... More >
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