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The call quality rating feature is a way to provide feedback for the audio/video quality of the conference calls. On the web client, Desktop App, and mobile clients, when a conference ends, a... More >
The search results are dipslayed as follows in web client, Desktop App and mobile clients: The conversation pane lists those conversations the search term was found in. Select the conversation you... More >
As an administrator, you can add a new site for your company which will be served by OpenScape Cloud. On the web client and Desktop App, click your user name in the upper right corner and, then,... More >
OpenScape Cloud can address the voice and social collaboration needs of organizations with single or multiple sites. Each site has a unique name and unique public and/or private numbers. Public... More >
OpenScape Cloud supports the use of SIP phones, starting with the following Unify phones: OpenScape CP Desk Phone Device (SIP) family (recommended): CP200, CP205 CP400 CP600 Desk Phone IP family... More >
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