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If you encountered any problems with Circuit Meeting Room, please report it by sending your log files. Prerequisites: You have administration rights on the Circuit Meeting Room Administration... More >
The Zapier integration must be enabled for your domain by your Circuit domain administrator and you need to have a Zapier account. Prerequisites: The Circuit domain administrator has to enable the... More >
The Zapier integration for Circuit is built on top of the Circuit API and SDK and the same OAuth2 security system apply Using the Zapier integration, users in the domain can automate tasks that... More >
You can share files, photos and videos from Circuit to other applications on your mobile device. Open a conversation in Circuit that has a file, a photo or a video attached. Tap on the file, photo... More >
You can view all the topics of a conversation grouped in a list. To do that perform the following steps: On the web client, Desktop App and mobile clients, select a conversation and, then, click or... More >
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