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The Zapier integration allows users in the domain to share content they have access to in Circuit to other SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) apps and pull content from other SaaS apps to publish it to... More >
If you encountered any problems with Circuit Meeting Room, please report it by sending your log files. Prerequisites: You have administration rights on the Circuit Meeting Room Administration... More >
Circuit can show a floating, draggable widget when you are leaving the in-call screen on your Android device. The widget looks like a bubble and it shows the conversation avatar. Tapping it will... More >
You can share a Circuit Meeting Room that belongs to your domain with other Circuit domains. Once shared, a Circuit Meeting Room can be added to a conference in any of the domains it is shared... More >
The JPL headset integration allows you to control your Circuit calls from a range of JPL headsets or external audio devices. On the web client and Desktop App, the integration is available as part... More >
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