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In Circuit, when a direct call is established between two users, you can add other people to the call without creating a new group conversation. The new people are not part of the conversation but... More >
You may start a Circuit group conversation through Circuit Gmail Add-on with all the Circuit users of the email participants. To do that perform the following steps: Select an email from which you... More >
With the Circuit Desktop App, you can open each conversation into a separate window so you can view and engage in several conversations at the same time. Prerequisites: You are using the Circuit... More >
Microsoft Outlook 365 add-in allows you to link your Outlook meeting to a new or an existing Circuit conversation by adding Circuit conference details to your meeting Outlook request.You may... More >
A client-side app is a web app that Circuit users can sign into and use, and is built using Circuit APIs. Prerequisites: You are the administrator of the domain or a user with developer read/write... More >
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