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From day one of the transition to Google Cloud Platform (GCP), each Cloud deployment will operate in a redundant data center model. This design approach will lower service downtime associated to... More >
The Circuit for Google Calendar Add-on integrates your Google Calendar with Circuit. The add-on allows you to easily schedule and join a Circuit conference directly from Google Calendar. For more... More >
With iOS 10 and SiriKit, you can send messages on Circuit using Siri, so you are able to keep in touch with your team in hands-busy situations. To send a message, bring up Siri on your iOS device.... More >
Circuit allows you to collaborate with external people from specific partner organizations you do business with that do not own a Circuit domain. You can invite them to Circuit in order to... More >
The Conceptboard integration enables you to create new boards or share existing ones from your Conceptboard account in a Circuit conversation. To do that perform the following steps: Prerequisites:... More >
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