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All sounds that come from Circuit by default go through the audio device as configured on your computer. In Circuit you can quickly set the audio/video devices you want to use for voice or video... More >
With iOS 10 and SiriKit, you can listen to new messages on Circuit using Siri, so you are able to keep in touch with your team in hands-busy situations. To read new messages, bring up Siri on your... More >
Hard disk drives will be reformatted in all bare metal servers utilized in the exiting data center. More >
As a domain administrator, you can enable or disable a Custom App at any moment. Prerequisites: You are the administrator of the domain or a user with developer read/write access rights. On the web... More >
Select an email from which you want to start a conversation and click on the Circuit icon. Click and, then, click Settings. Click the selected language and select the language you want to use form... More >
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