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It is not the same when you delete participants or you remove them from a group conversation. Deleted participants can no longer access the conversation and the conversation is no longer listed in... More >
Circuit allows you to collaborate with external people from specific partner organizations you do business with that do not own a Circuit domain. You can invite them to Circuit in order to... More >
You can send a broadcast message to all users of a Circuit domain. Only administrators can create a broadcast message. To create a new broadcast message, follow the steps below: On the web client... More >
When a pdf file is attached to a conversation, you have the option to preview the file without downloading it. Tap the pdf document which is attached in a conversation. On the Android mobile... More >
The Kuando Busylight devices can be used as a phone ring light, a speaker or display your availability, by using visual indication, for your colleagues based on your presence status with the... More >
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