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If a Circuit Meeting Room is configured with dual displays, you can easily swap content between its displays at any time during a conference call. Prerequisites: You are the person who added the... More >
As a domain administrator, you can delete an Custom app from the domain. Prerequisites: You are the administrator of the domain or a user with developer read/write access rights. On the web client... More >
Upon completion of every synchronization or import session, a csv report file is created under a folder named reports that resides within the Circuit Provisioning Agent installation directory. This... More >
You can send a broadcast message to all users of a Circuit domain. Only administrators can create a broadcast message. To create a new broadcast message, follow the steps below: On the web client... More >
You can configure how the audio and video traffic is routed and how much local address information is exposed by changing the default WebRTC routing policy. Prerequisites: Before changing the... More >
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