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Tested models: Yealink T58v, Yealink T19PE2. The phones have been tested with OpenScape Cloud with the following software and hardware versions. For Yealink T58v: Software version More >
In Circuit, you can take control of another participant’s screen during calls. Domain administrators can disable remote control for users in the domain if this is required by company policy. After... More >
In Circuit, you can share files with others in conversations. Domain administrators can disable file sharing for users in the domain if they don't want them to share any file types. The setting... More >
When a call starts, a new topic is created and a call summary post is shared in the conversation including the details of the call. You can see a list of the participants that have already joined... More >
During a call, you can add, edit or remove a whiteboard at any time via the Circuit app on your iOS device. Prerequisites: You have to enable the Active whiteboard feature in Circuit Labs. To add a... More >
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