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Microsoft Outlook 365 add-in allows you to link your Outlook meeting to a new or an existing Circuit conversation by adding Circuit conference details to your meeting Outlook request.You may... More >
When a pdf file is attached to a conversation, you have the option to preview the file without downloading it. Tap the pdf document which is attached in a conversation. On the Android mobile... More >
OpenScape Cloud will be migrated to the Google Cloud Platform in Q3 and Q4 of 2019, respectively. This article is intended to inform you in advance and in particular to make any potentially... More >
You can delete a broadcast message as not to be shown to users of a Circuit domain. Only administrators can delete a broadcast message. To delete a broadcast message, follow the steps below: On the... More >
In Circuit, you can take control of another participant’s screen during calls. Domain administrators can disable remote control for users in the domain if this is required by company policy. After... More >
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