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In order to improve usability, Circuit searches for users or contacts by their phone number and attempts to add naming information to them. This action is referred here as name resolution. A phone... More >
The Plantronics Status Indicator displays your availability, by using visual indication, for your colleagues based on your presence status. Your availability and the visual indication on... More >
When a call starts, a new topic is created and a call summary post is shared in the conversation including the details of the call. You can see a list of the participants that have already joined... More >
In order for a video room system to join a Circuit conference, the following requirements must be met at a minimum: The video room system must support and be configured to use the following for... More >
Tested model(s): Konftel 300IPx. The conference phone has been tested with OpenScape Cloud with the following firmware: 2.7.28. The instructions provided below are likely valid for other firmware... More >
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