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In order for a video room system to join a Circuit conference, the following requirements must be met at a minimum: The video room system must support and be configured to use the following for... More >
The Compliance Officer is a very special and powerful role for the domain. It is the person that can export data of the whole domain or data related to users of the domain. As the compliance... More >
You can join a conference from a video room system using the provided SIP URI and PIN. Prerequisites: Prior to the conference, it is recommended that you make a test call to make sure everything is... More >
Microsoft Outlook 365 add-in allows you to move an existing email thread from your Outlook to a new or an existing Circuit conversation. To move your email thread, follow the steps below: Open your... More >
The Compliance Officer has the right to export data of the whole domain. Prerequisites: A service request must have been raised, by the owner of the domain, in order to get a compliance officer... More >
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