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The Compliance Officer is a very special and powerful role for the domain. It is the person that can export data of the whole domain or data related to users of the domain. As the compliance... More >
The Compliance Officer has the right to export data of the whole domain. Prerequisites: A service request must have been raised, by the owner of the domain, in order to get a compliance officer... More >
During a call, you can add, edit or remove a whiteboard at any time via the Circuit app on your iOS device. To add a whiteboard to the active call, tap the Add to conference icon on the call action... More >
As a member of more than one hunt groups, you can make yourself unavailable for calls to a specific hunt group and stay available for calls to all the other hunt groups. Prerequisites: OpenScape... More >
The Plantronics Status Indicator allows you to inform your colleagues immediately when you're on a call, busy, online or offline, by using a visual indicator. Prerequisites: The Circuit domain... More >
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