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The Plantronics Status Indicator allows you to inform your colleagues immediately when you're on a call, busy, online or offline, by using a visual indicator. Prerequisites: The Circuit domain... More >
When a call starts, a new topic is created and a call summary post is shared in the conversation including the details of the call. You can see a list of the participants that have already joined... More >
You can join a conference from a video room system using the provided SIP URI and PIN. Prerequisites: Prior to the conference, it is recommended that you make a test call to make sure everything is... More >
The Compliance Officer has the right to export data of the whole domain. Prerequisites: A service request must have been raised, by the owner of the domain, in order to get a compliance officer... More >
During a conference call, the Circuit Meeting Room display can show any screen or whiteboard shared by conference participants. Whiteboard and screen share cannot be both displayed at the same... More >
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