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In Circuit, you can share files with others in conversations. Domain administrators can disable file sharing for users in the domain if they don't want them to share any file types. The setting... More >
You can schedule a Circuit conference from Google Calendar using the Circuit for Google Calendar Add-on. Prerequisites: Your Google Calendar and your Circuit email address must be the same. The... More >
An Event is a Circuit conference that supports up to 1000 participants. number of possible participants depends on your assigned Circuit subscription. The participants can be moderators or guests.... More >
You can join a conference from a video room system using the provided SIP URI and PIN. Prerequisites: Prior to the conference, it is recommended that you make a test call to make sure everything is... More >
When you cannot answer your phone calls, you can specify to send your unanswered calls to your voicemail. If you activate the Greeting only mode, the caller has the option to hear your greeting... More >
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