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As a moderator or Space administrator you can disable a Space. When a Space is disabled, moderators can view all tabs but they cannot do any action in the News, Participants and Content tabs. They... More >
Select an email from which you want to start a conversation and click on the Circuit icon. Click and, then, click Settings. Click the selected language and select the language you want to use form... More >
You can leave a Space at any time, unless you are the Space owner. If you are the Space owner you need to first transfer your role as owner to a Space moderator before you can leave it. For more... More >
During a call, you can add, edit or remove a whiteboard at any time via the Circuit app on your Android device. To add a whiteboard to the active call, tap the ellipsis (…) icon on the call action... More >
A server-side app is an app that Circuit users can authorize to act on their behalf and is built using Circuit APIs. Prerequisites: You are the administrator of the domain or a user with developer... More >
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