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When a conference ends, information about it and the call participants are displayed at the summary post. If you do not want your name to be shown at the summary post after a conference ends, you... More >
The Circuit for Google Calendar Add-on integrates your Google Calendar with Circuit. The add-on allows you to easily schedule and join a Circuit conference directly from Google Calendar. For more... More >
Once you are invited to join a team group you receive a notification for acceptance or decline. To accept or decline an invitation to join a team group you may either: Click on the invite... More >
All Circuit Telephony Connectors provide support for the Remote Talk Event Package. This allows you to answer an incoming phone call that is ringing on your Circuit client from other call control... More >
You can create Spaces to build networks of people, share experiences and expertise and keep each other informed. Prerequisites: You must have Space creation rights to create new Spaces. Without... More >
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