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When a conference ends, information about it and the call participants are displayed at the summary post. If you do not want your name to be shown at the summary post after a conference ends, you... More >
You might experience connectivity problems between Circuit and a video room system. These problems may be related to various root causes like: Configuration issues Network issues Issues with the... More >
As a domain administrator, you can delete an executive-assistant group created on OpenScape Cloud. You can delete more than one executive-assistant groups at a time. On the web client and Desktop... More >
After an Outlook 365 meeting is linked to a Circuit conversation, Circuit receives meeting updates from Outlook 365 as follows: When the meeting organizer changes the meeting schedule (date or... More >
When you open Circuit and click the Spaces icon , the Space selector (pane on the left) by default lists all Spaces you are participating in. You can change this view of listed Spaces using... More >
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