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You can use Circuit with Internet Explorer. However, to participate in the real-time communication sessions (voice, video or screen share) you have to install the Circuit real-time plug-in. Open... More >
The Jabra headset integration allows you to control your Circuit calls from a range of Jabra headsets or external audio devices. On the web client and Desktop App, the integration is available as... More >
You can edit and delete messages that you have posted in a conversation. This includes deleting files you may have uploaded. Those messages are marked as edited or deleted so the context of any... More >
In Circuit, conferences are started from group conversations or Conference Bridge. Depending whether you want to add someone just to an ongoing conference call or to the conversation and the call,... More >
When I try to join a Circuit group call, the attempt fails after about five seconds. This behavior was observed when the following conditions are true: Your computer is on a corporate network that... More >
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