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You can quickly start a conference with other participants while being in a group conversation or in a Conference Bridge. Start a new group conversation or Conference Bridge, or select an existing... More >
Once the VDI media offloading solution is prepared by your administrator, you need as a user to activate the Virtual Desktop media offloading solution on your Circuit client (which is running on... More >
Network quality affects the audio/ video quality of your call to a great extent. Circuit measures the quality and performance of your network connection while you are one a call and pops up a... More >
In Circuit, conferences are started from group conversations or Conference Bridge. Depending whether you want to add someone just to an ongoing conference call or to the conversation and the call,... More >
The Jabra headset integration allows you to control your Circuit calls from a range of Jabra headsets or external audio devices. On the web client and Desktop App, the integration is available as... More >
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