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There is no maximum number of participants you can add at one time in a conversation. In total, you can add up to 1500 participants to a conversation. Former participants are counted in this number. More >
You can use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Circuit and have direct access to all main Circuit functions. You need first to enable keyboard shortcuts before you can use them. Click your user... More >
A direct conversation is a conversation with only two participants, i.e. you and one more participant. Click or tap the green plus icon () and on the web client and Desktop App select Direct on... More >
Circuit for Outlook allows you to link your Outlook meeting to a new or existing Circuit conversation, by adding Circuit conference details to the Outlook meeting request. To schedule a meeting,... More >
Known issues and User Notifications Cloud Services eCommerce mail address change. Please note that you need to address ssc-circuitusersupport@atos.net to contact us for commercial issues. Circuit... More >
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