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In Circuit, both video and screen sharing are possible during a call at the same time. This is only available on the Circuit web client and Desktop App. If video is active, simply start screen... More >
The OpenScape Business Telephony Connector allows easy integration of Circuit with the OpenScape Business (V2R6 or later). The connector can be semi-automatically configured and enabled in a few... More >
A direct conversation is a conversation with only two participants, i.e. you and one more participant. Click or tap the green plus icon () and on the web client and Desktop App select Direct on the... More >
Network quality affects the audio/ video quality of your call to a great extent. Circuit measures the quality and performance of your network connection while you are one a call and pops up a... More >
There are several factors that can result in poor sound quality when using Circuit. Background noise – When using Circuit in an office environment, try to find a quiet location and keep the... More >
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