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Provisioning Agent

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To configure the Provisioning Agent, perform the following steps: Prerequisites: Connect to the targeted system (i.e. computer where the Provisioning Agent is installed) to access the Provisioning... More >
In order to integrate your provisioning source with Circuit, you have first to download and install the Provisioning Agent. Prerequisites: Login to Circuit web client as Administrator. On the web... More >
Once the Provisioning Agent application is downloaded, you can proceed with the installation. Prerequisites: Download the Provisioning Agent Application. For more information see “Downloading the... More >
The Provisioning Agent allows integration of your provisioning source with Circuit, so that you can share information about users and groups between these two systems. With the Provisioning Agent... More >
Once the Provisioning Agent is set up, its service status is displayed under Administration > Telephony > Provisioning Agent. The color of the LED indicator represents the status of the... More >
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