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Circuit Meeting Room

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You can share a Circuit Meeting Room that belongs to your domain with other Circuit domains. Once shared, a Circuit Meeting Room can be added to a conference in any of the domains it is shared... More >
If you encountered any problems with Circuit Meeting Room, please report it by sending your log files. Prerequisites: You have administration rights on the Circuit Meeting Room Administration... More >
During a conference, the Circuit Meeting Room display can show the videos or images of up to four participants plus the video of the local conference room allowing for an improved and more engaging... More >
When a Circuit Meeting Room is added to a conference, it uses a default display layout to arrange participant videos / images, the video of the local conference room and any screen share or... More >
If a Circuit Meeting Room is configured with dual displays, you can easily swap content between its displays at any time during a conference call. Prerequisites: You are the person who added the... More >
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