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OpenScape Cloud currently supports the following Internet Telephony Service Providers that support SIP: ITSP Name Countries Minimum number of users per Circuit domain and trunk BCOM Netherlands 5... More >
Tested model(s): Snom D715 and D765. The phones have been tested with OpenScape Cloud with the following firmware: D715 -> snom715-SIP D765 -> snomD765-SIP The instructions... More >
You can find the phone number assigned to you on OpenScape Cloud or other PBX integrated with Circuit as follows: Sign-in to Circuit. Navigate to Settings > Telephony. Your phone number is... More >
Once a Unify phone is assigned to a user, the device must be configured with a Deployment PIN and a Security PIN in order for the user of the phone to be able to make and receive phone calls... More >
Unify operates OpenScape Cloud and provides a generic configuration of its solution so that a 3rd party device can be connected. Support from Unify for 3rd party devices is restricted to allowing... More >
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