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As a member of a hunt group, you can easily make yourself available or unavailable to receive hunt group calls. You simply need to set your agent status to the appropriate value. Prerequisites:... More >
Once the OpenScape Cloud is configured and active, you can, as an administrator, assign a phone number to a user in your domain so that they are able to make and receive phone calls through... More >
Domain administrators can find the Deployment PIN and Security PIN required for configuration by navigating to Administration > Cloud telephony on their Circuit web client or Desktop App and then... More >
Tested model: Cisco CP-8861-3PCC. The phone has been tested with OpenScape Cloud with the following firmware: UC Software | BootROM Software The instructions provided below... More >
Tested models: Yealink T58v, Yealink T19PE2. The phones have been tested with OpenScape Cloud with the following software and hardware versions. For Yealink T58v: Software version More >
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