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New IP addresses for Circuit Servers If your Circuit domain is configured on the Europe system (connect to, take into account the following changes. If the IP addresses... More >
You can use Circuit with Internet Explorer. However, to participate in the real-time communication sessions (voice, video or screen share) you have to install the Circuit real-time plug-in. Open... More >
Yes, you can use a Bluetooth headset for audio transmission. For information on how to connect your Bluetooth device to a computer or mobile device, refer to the documentation for your Bluetooth... More >
Circuit uses the WebRTC protocol for the real-time communication sessions (e.g. voice, video and screen sharing). This protocol is currently supported by the following browsers: Chrome (latest... More >
Circuit requires a microphone and a speaker or headset for voice conversations. For best results, we recommend using the following audio devices: USB headset – For best results, we recommend a... More >
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