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Online support is available on the Circuit website It includes: Support forum Online Help information and FAQ Instructional troubleshooting videos (in English only). Service requests If you have... More >
You can report an issue to the Circuit User Help Desk. To report an issue directly from Circuit, do the following: On the web client, click your user name and then click Report Issue. On the iOS... More >
If you can’t remember your password, do the following: Go to your Circuit website (e.g. https://eu.yourcircuit.com). On the sign-in page click or tap Forgot password?. Type the email address... More >
If you can’t remember your password or if you are getting an error message during sign-in saying that your password is invalid, request a new password as described in I forgot my password, what do... More >
Known issues and User Notifications Circuit Forum is currently unavailable, we are sorry for the inconveniences. ATC / pUTC related Firewall configuration update required for new MAC nodes Minimum... More >
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