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You can easily exchange messages with others while in a conversation. You can also add attachments, insert hyperlinks, and apply formatting to your messages, including bold, italics, and... More >
Yes. You can download and install a Google Chrome extension called “Content menu: Open link in IE tab". After installing this extension, if you right click on a link in Chrome, you will be given... More >
The size of an emoticon is determined when it is added to a message. If you add the emoticon with some text, then the emoticon will be the same size of the text. If you add an emoticon on its own,... More >
No. The only way that you can currently insert a file into a message is to use the attach file feature to browse for and select the file that you want to attach or drag and drop the file into the... More >
If you are using the web client, you can see who attached a file to a message by clicking Details, and then Recent files. Switch to the detailed view and the name of the person who added the... More >
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