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You can flag a message for follow up so that you can respond to it later. Locate the message that you want to flag for follow up, and click or tap . The flag icon becomes orange to indicate that... More >
When you return to a conversation that you had previously viewed, the system automatically takes you to the last location you were in the conversation. If there are new messages, New messages... More >
You can easily share files from your existing Box account with other Circuit users. Shared files use a public URL that can be accessed by anyone. The link to your Box account is always kept up to... More >
To mention (i.e. refer to) a participant of a conversation, do the following: Create a new message or edit an existing message. Type your text as you normally do and when you want to mention... More >
Each message can be liked by any participant of the conversation, including the author of the message. Once a message has at least one like, the number of likes for that message will be displayed.... More >
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