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You can share files from your existing Syncplicity account with other Circuit users. The files would be accessible to the current members of a conversation via their shared link which expires after... More >
To mention (i.e. refer to) a participant of a conversation, do the following: Create a new message or edit an existing message. Type your text as you normally do and when you want to mention... More >
Each message can be liked by any participant of the conversation, including the author of the message. Once a message has at least one like, the number of likes for that message will be displayed.... More >
You can share files, photos and links with your teammates in Circuit from other applications on your mobile device that allows content sharing. Circuit appears as an option in the system-wide share... More >
You can view the messages that you have flagged for follow up. To view all your flagged messages: Make sure the conversation selector lists all conversations you are actively participating in and... More >
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