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You can start a screen share during an active voice or video call as follows: On the web client and Desktop App, click in the call action bar. On the Android mobile client, tap the ellipsis (…)... More >
When participating in a screen sharing session, you can request remote control of the shared screen from the initiator. If the initiator accepts your request, you both have mouse and keyboard... More >
When a call comes in on your mobile device, the incoming call screen shows up on your display and you will hear a ringtone. On iPhone and iPad mobile devices, the incoming call screen displays the... More >
You can zoom in and out on a screen share. Prerequisites: You are viewing the screen share via the Desktop App. You can zoom in and out on a screen share as follows: Click (Zoom in) to the... More >
You can share your entire screen during an active call at any time. To enable screen share in an active call: Tap the ellipsis (…) icon in the call action bar and select Start screen sharing. In... More >
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