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Currently, the Chrome API we are using to support screen sharing in Circuit (when Circuit is used with Chrome) shows the list of apps that are not minimized. Minimized apps will not show in the... More >
You can start a screen share during an active voice or video call as follows: On the web client and Desktop App, click in the call action bar. On the Android mobile client, tap the ellipsis (…)... More >
When participating in a screen sharing session, you can request remote control of the shared screen from the initiator. If the initiator accepts your request, you both have mouse and keyboard... More >
When a call comes in on your mobile device, the incoming call screen shows up on your display and you will hear a ringtone. On iPhone and iPad mobile devices, the incoming call screen displays the... More >
You can share your entire screen during an active call at any time. To enable screen share in an active call: Tap the ellipsis (…) icon in the call action bar and select Start screen sharing. In... More >
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