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Circuit calls

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In Circuit, conferences are started from group conversations or Conference Bridge. Depending whether you want to add someone just to an ongoing conference call or to the conversation and the call,... More >
The guest access feature allows you to join conferences in conversations that you do not participate. You can join a conference in different domains that you do not have an account. You can also... More >
Prerequisites: Select the 1-to-1 conversation to which you want to add someone, or create a conversation. Be on an active voice or video call or start one from the conversation. On the web client... More >
While you are in a 1-to-1, group conversations or Conference Bridge, you can make a voice call, video call or screen share call to other participants at any time. When you start a video call or a... More >
Please refer to I tried to make a call but I cannot hear the called party (Web client). If you experience sound quality issues, refer to How do I resolve issues with poor sound quality? To check... More >
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