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Circuit calls

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In case you don't have a data connection, but you would like to participate in a conference call, you can still dial in to the conference using provided local dial-in number and PIN. To join a... More >
While you are on a Circuit call, you can easily switch between the normal call view and a more compact one (mini view) that lets you chat or focus on other tasks within the conversation while still... More >
Please refer to I tried to make a call but I cannot hear the called party (Web client). If you experience sound quality issues, refer to How do I resolve issues with poor sound quality? To check... More >
Prerequisites: If you are participating in a Circuit conversation and other participants cannot hear you, then the problem is likely caused by the microphone device or the Windows settings. Check... More >
In Circuit, conferences are started from the group conversations or Conference Bridge. Prerequisites: Only invited users can join group conversations or Conference Bridge, i.e.you must be added by... More >
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