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Please refer to I tried to make a call but I cannot hear the called party (Web client). If you experience sound quality issues, refer to How do I resolve issues with poor sound quality? To check... More >
When a call comes in on your mobile device, the incoming call screen shows up on your display and you will hear a ringtone. On iPhone and iPad mobile devices, the incoming call screen displays the... More >
With iOS 10 and SiriKit, you can make calls and send messages on Circuit using Siri and, thus, you are able to keep in touch with your team in hands-busy situations. To call a person using Circuit,... More >
An Event is a Circuit conference that supports up to 1000 participants. The number of possible participants depends on your assigned Circuit subscription. The participants can be moderators or... More >
Mobile Breakout allows users to make voice calls from the Circuit web client directly through their mobile devices. This is useful for users who do not have a desk phone and use only a mobile... More >
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