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Circuit calls

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You can start a poll during a conference, so as to get the opinion of the participants on a specific topic. Prerequisites: You have to enable Conference poll feature in Circuit Labs. You cannot add... More >
Yes. Any time you want during a conference, you can bring a participant's video into focus by simply clicking on the video itself or by clicking on the participant's avatar in the share ribbon.... More >
Yes, you can call a user who is offline in Circuit. If you start a direct call with a Circuit user and the user is offline then you are offered to call the user directly to the phone number.... More >
When required, any participant in a conference (except the Guest users) can remove another participant from the call. In moderated conversations, only moderators are allowed to remove a... More >
The call quality rating feature is a way to provide feedback for the audio/video quality of the conference calls. On the web client, Desktop App, and mobile clients, when a conference ends, a... More >
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