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Yes, you can call a user who is offline in Circuit. If you start a direct call with a Circuit user and the user is offline then you are offered to call the user directly to the phone number.... More >
The call quality indicator shows the quality of the audio and video connections of Circuit client during an active call. The indicator shows up to three bars. Three bars: call quality is high and... More >
When using Circuit with Siri, Siri does not always correctly recognize and pronounce the name of the person you are trying to call or send a message to via Circuit. To help Siri understand a... More >
If the call quality indicator is low (one bar) or poor (no bars) you can try the following: If you are using a WiFi connection, move to an area with better network connection, or switch to another... More >
Circuit is available in CarPlay. A Circuit icon shows up in CarPlay, allowing incoming Circuit notifications to be shown in the CarPlay screen, and be read to you by Siri. You have also the option... More >
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