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Video calls

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When a call comes in on your device, you will see an Incoming Call alert on your display and hear a ringtone. Depending on the type of call, different alerts may be displayed, signalling an... More >
Prerequisites: If you are participating in a Circuit conversation and you cannot hear anything, then the problem is likely caused by the sound device itself or the Windows settings. Check that the... More >
You can join an active group voice or video call or rejoin a call you left earlier. When a call comes in while you are engaged in another call, the Incoming Call alert appears on top of the active... More >
Depending whether you want to add someone just to an ongoing call or to the conversation and the call, you have to perform one of the following actions: To add a new participant to an ongoing call,... More >
Select the conversation with the contacts you are looking for, or search for it by entering a name into the Search field. If you have not started a conversation with the contacts you want tot have... More >
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