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Make the keyboard focus visible on your Circuit web client or Desktop App as follows: Click your user name and navigate to Settings > General. Locate the Accessibility area. Tick the Visual... More >
Circuit can show a floating, draggable widget when you are leaving the in-call screen on your Android device. The widget looks like a bubble and it shows the conversation avatar. Tapping it will... More >
You can connect to your existing Syncplicity account to easily share files with other Circuit users. Shared files can be accessed by current members of a conversation via their shared link which... More >
Labels provide a way to organize the conversation and Spaces you participate in so that you can group, filter and find them easily. Labels are visible only to you, so the labels you add to... More >
When the Circuit Desktop App starts, by default it is shown on the desktop. You can set the Circuit Desktop App to launch minimized to the taskbar and system tray, as follows: Sign in to the... More >
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