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Circuit automatically updates your presence status when you are online, offline, or away. You are “online” as soon as you sign in to Circuit. “away” means you are signed in to Circuit, but there... More >
The following options are available for your presence status: when you sign in, your presence or availability status is automatically set to online when you sign out, your status automatically... More >
The presence or availability statuses in Circuit are displayed as: Online - the person is online. Mobile Online- the person is online but signed in only on the mobile client. On a call - the person... More >
If you are signed in (“online”), you can make and receive calls. If you enable Snooze notifications, which changes your presence status to “Do not disturb”, incoming calls are silent without... More >
When on an Circuit voice call, your presence is shown as “online” (Green) with the text “On a call”. More >
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