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Circuit automatically updates your presence status when you are online, on a call, away, offline or when you are sharing your screen. You are Online as soon as you sign in to the Circuit web client... More >
The following options are available for your presence status: When you are online and available to contact on the web client / Desktop App, your status is automatically set to Online. When: you are... More >
The presence or availability statuses in Circuit are described in the following table: Presence / Availability status Description Online The person is online and available to contact. Mobile -... More >
Yes. You may set an availability notification for a person who is currently “On a call” / “Mobile - On a call”, “Away”, “Offline” or on a “Do not disturb” mode, so that you get notified when this... More >
If you are "Online" or "Mobile - Online", you can make and receive calls. If you enable Snooze notifications or you start sharing your screen, which changes your presence status to "Do not... More >
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