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There is an option to opt out of sharing your presence with other Circuit users. Prerequisites: By default, the first time you sign in to Circuit, you will be opted in. To opt out of sharing your... More >
An Out of office status message appears automatically in Circuit after you turn on the "Out of Office" reply in Outlook, so that other people can see you are not in the office before they try to... More >
When on a Circuit call, your presence is shown as to "Online" (Green) with the text "On a call" or "Mobile - On a call". More >
The Embrava Blynclight series display your availability, by using visual indication, for your colleagues based on your presence status with the following devices: Blynclight Standard Blynclight... More >
The Embrava integration allows you to inform your colleagues immediately when you're on a call, busy, online or offline, by using a visual indicator. Prerequisites: The Circuit domain administrator... More >
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