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While in transmission your data is always encrypted through communication protocols used by Circuit. User data and conversations stored within Circuit are encrypted and access to your user data is... More >
Data that is allocated to conversations is kept so that other users still have records of the conversations they had with you. Other data from your user account is being deleted. More >
In Circuit, data of your organization is secure. Circuit is a public multi-tenant cloud offering. All data access is controlled via Access Control Lists, and strict enforcement ensures tenant data... More >
You are the owner. You and your organization are responsible for the content of all visual, written or audible communications, files, documents, videos, recordings, and any other material ("User... More >
To keep your account safe, your password must contain: A minimum of 8 characters At least 1 upper case alphabetic character At least 1 lower case alphabetic character At least 1 numeric character... More >
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