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Try clearing your Google Chrome browser cache and try again. If you receive a message indicating that your password might be incorrect or you forgot your password, then reset your password and try... More >
To ensure that your microphone and camera are functioning properly for an important conference call, use the Test call feature. It allows you to perform a test End-to-end call and check the... More >
There are several factors that can result in poor video quality when using Circuit. Webcam – Most webcams that support HD 720p should be sufficient for Circuit. However, some older models might not... More >
There are several factors that can result in poor sound quality when using Circuit. Background noise – When using Circuit in an office environment, try to find a quiet location and keep the... More >
Network quality affects the audio/ video quality of your call to a great extent. Circuit measures the quality and performance of your network connection while you are one a call and pops up a... More >
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