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Certain Android devices may have problems receiving push notifications when the Circuit App is closed. This problem is not universal and depends on the device you are using. Performing a Force Stop... More >
If the calls on your iOS mobile client are being dropped or you are losing the speech path, this may be caused by the iOS feature called Wi-Fi Assist. This feature allows to make a switch-over form... More >
If you are using Circuit on a computer that is running Windows Vista or a later Windows operating system, you may experience noticeable cut lines or "tearing" of the screen image when you are... More >
The notification for "network quality issues" appears when the quality and performance of your network connection can adversely impact the quality of your call. While you are on a call, Circuit... More >
If you are using the Circuit Desktop App on Windows, you may not be able to see the unread messages count in the apps' title bar. This occurs because Windows Aero is not enabled on your computer.... More >
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