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Changing the role or removing a participant from a Space Accepting or declining a join request to a Space Changing the owner of a Space Changing the access rights to a Space Changing the default... More >
You can join an open Space instantly from the Spaces directory list. Click the Spaces icon and then click Spaces directory. A list with all the available Spaces is displayed. Select the open Space... More >
As an administrator of a Circuit domain you can specify if moderators can enable the invite external Circuit users option. On the web client and Desktop App, click on your user name and then click... More >
Tags provide a way to organize and group related Spaces or messages together and to let people know what a Space or message is about. Tags make it also easier for people to find the Spaces and... More >
You can add tags to Spaces you moderate to better organize them and to make searching and filtering much easier. You can add tags when you create a Space or afterwards. As a Space moderator, you... More >
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