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By default, when people are joining a Space they have the role specified by a Space moderator. You can change this role for a specific participant or remove the participant as follows: Navigate to... More >
You can view and browse through all available Spaces in your domain. Click the Spaces icon and then click Spaces directory. A list with all the available Spaces is displayed. The Spaces with the... More >
You can customize the look and feel of your Space by adding a welcome message in the Spaces that you moderate. Welcome messages have all the rich text and media capabilities that topics have.... More >
You can leave a Space at any time, unless you are the Space owner. If you are the Space owner you need to first transfer your role as owner to a Space moderator before you can leave it. For more... More >
Tags provide a way to organize and group related Spaces or messages together and to let people know what a Space or message is about. Tags make it also easier for people to find the Spaces and... More >
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