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You can join an open Space instantly from the search results. Perform a search, as described in: Performing a search in Spaces. Select an open Space from the search results. The Space content is... More >
You can search for a specific Space in the Space directory. Click the Spaces icon and then click Spaces directory. A list with all the available Spaces is displayed. Click the search icon on the... More >
As a moderator or Space administrator you can disable a Space. When a Space is disabled, moderators can view all tabs but they cannot do any action in the News, Participants and Content tabs. They... More >
You can search for Spaces and messages with a certain tag in the following ways: Searching for Spaces and messages with a certain tag via the global Search box: Click the Spaces icon . Enter all or... More >
Each message can be liked by any participant of the Space, including the author of the message. Once a message has at least one like, the number of likes for that message will be displayed. Click... More >
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