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You can search through all the Spaces to find the information that you need, including files, specific words and tags that are referenced in a Space. Click the Spaces icon . In the Search box... More >
You can apply special formatting to messages you write in a Space using a rich text editor. In addition to standard text formatting options like bold and italics, the editor gives you the option to... More >
Assigning Space administration rights to a user Enabling Space creation rights for all Circuit users Assigning Space creation rights to a Circuit user Selecting the default space access rights for... More >
You can view and download any file shared in a Space. Select a Space and click the Content tab. All shared files are listed in chronological order. To download the file, click on it and then click... More >
You can add multiple participants at once to a Space that you moderate using a CSV file. Setup the CSV file: Create a comma-separated value (CSV) data file with only one column and no column... More >
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