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Labels provide a way to organize the conversation and Spaces you participate in so that you can group, filter and find them easily. Labels are visible only to you, so the labels you add to... More >
You can search through all the Spaces to find the information that you need, including files, specific words and tags that are referenced in a Space. Click the Spaces icon . In the Search box... More >
You can add multiple participants at once to a Space that you moderate using a CSV file. Setup the CSV file: Create a comma-separated value (CSV) data file with only one column and no column... More >
You can apply special formatting to messages you write in a Space using a rich text editor. In addition to standard text formatting options like bold and italics, the editor gives you the option to... More >
Changing the role or removing a participant from a Space Accepting or declining a join request to a Space Changing the owner of a Space Changing the access rights to a Space Changing the default... More >
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