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No, you cannot delete a conversation (1-to-1 or group), Conference Bridge or Community. However, you can edit or delete a message or comment within a conversation. If you no longer want to... More >
Business is all about relationships, and relationships start with a conversation. Circuit allows you to start the conversation by bringing all of your communication channels and devices together... More >
You can add a maximum of 25 participants to a conversation at one time. For example, you can add 25 participants when you start the conversation, and then add another 25 participants after the... More >
A conversation can be either 1-to-1 conversation or a group conversation. The 1-to-1 conversation is a conversation with only two participants, i.e. you and one more participant. A group... More >
Community is an open conversation that anyone in your domain can join without having to be added (as opposed to the group conversations). You can create your own Community where participants send... More >
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