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Favorites help you to store the most frequently used conversations and Spaces in one place. To access the Favorites panel, click or tap the Favorites icon. On the web client and Desktop App, the... More >
When you leave a group conversation or Conference Bridge, the conversation is automatically archived so that you can still see the conversation history up until the point that you left. However,... More >
A group conversation can have multiple participants. You can start with a conversation without participants and add participants later, or add them when creating the conversation. Participants that... More >
A Conference Bridge provides an easy way to start or schedule a conference call, with video or screen share session. Once it is create, Conference Bridge looks the same as any other conversation.... More >
You can remove a participant who is no longer active in your group conversation or Conference Bridge. When you remove a participant, they can still see the conversation history up until the point... More >
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