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You can find the URL of a specific conversation by first selecting the conversation and then: On the web client, copying the URL from the web browser address bar. On the Desktop App, right-clicking... More >
Whenever there is activity in an archived 1-to-1 conversation or whenever someone mentions you in an archived group conversation, Conference Bridge or Community, the conversation is automatically... More >
When you receive a voicemail for an unanswered Circuit call, a message with the voicemail attached is automatically posted to the 1-to-1 conversation you have with the person who called you. The... More >
A moderated conversation has always to have at least one participant who is the moderator of the conversation. When the user, who is the last moderator in a moderated conversation, is suspended or... More >
You can share files, photos and videos from Circuit to other applications on your mobile device. Open a conversation in Circuit that has a file, a photo or a video attached. Tap on the file, photo... More >
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