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You can select the dial-in numbers that will appear in the conference invitations of your domain. Also you have the option to flag dial-in numbers as frequently used numbers, so that these numbers... More >
Administrators can set if people or Circuit Meetings Rooms will join conferences in the domain muted so as to prevent unnecessary noise and disruption. On the web client and Desktop App, click your... More >
As a partner administrator, you can manage the administration settings of all the Circuit domains owned by your company's customers. This requires that your customer domain administrators have... More >
In case your company is a Circuit partner or reseller, you can assign partner administrator rights to a user in your domain so that they can manage the domains of your company's customers on their... More >
If your company has purchased Circuit via partner or reseller, you can enable partner administration for your domain. This will allow your partner or reseller to administrate your domain on behalf... More >
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